Staining Lodge Wedding Photographer - Gareth & Helen


Two of my best friends got married! Helen has been one of my closest friends since school and over the past few years Gareth and I have become such good friends. I could not be happier for these two amazing humans.

Their wedding was, as expected, an incredible one! Being their photographer meant I got to spend much more of the day with them than I would if I was just a guest. I hung out with Gareth and the guys first thing before heading to Helen and the girls.

They chose the spectacular Ashton Memorial to get married at before heading to Staining Lodge for their reception. The whole day was filled with laughter, alcohol and good music. It was the last of a 3 wedding marathon for me too so I made sure I celebrated in style with them!

Overall I could not have wished for a more perfect day for these two. I wish them a lifetime of love, happiness and good times.