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Family photography should not be boring or staged…in my opinion anyway. Being a dad to two cheeky, funny and beautiful little girls I know that creating real memories of how they are and their characters is more important than a staged photo with a forced smile. 




My Family photography sessions are designed to capture you and your family in a real way doing the things you enjoy doing. I shoot from newborn all the way up to Grandparents and never force fun and create fake smiles. 

I ask my families to choose something they love doing together. This could be football on the beach, splashing in puddles at the park, baking cakes at home, walking the dog in the woods or simply just colouring, playing and creating at home. Whatever it is you choose to do in our session I will be there to capture some amazing memories of you doing it. 

I offer midweek or weekend sessions and will travel to wherever it is you and your wonderful family is based or would like to take me. 

My sessions are not for those families who want studio backgrounds or loads of forced group photos. They are creative documentary which give an insight in to how you were at that certain time of your lives. 




Yes there may be tears and snotty noses, but that’s life with children, I know firsthand that those photos of the tantrums or food all round their mouths at dinner time will bring back so many memories in the years to come. 




As you will see from my work I love portraits and creating portraits. I love light and using it to create portraits. These don’t have to be staged and forced though. During our session there will be so many opportunities to capture a number of portraits of you and your children without telling them to “sit there”, “look this way”, “smile at the camera”. No, I don’t buy in to that approach. Get your kids laughing, which in turn will get you smiling and this makes some really natural portraits. 

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If this sounds up your street then drop me message to receive my brochure or check my availability by clicking the contact form below. 


Take a look at some of my recent Family Shoots below