Lake District Elopement - James and Liz


James and Liz’s Lake District Elopement at Cragwood Country House Hotel

Cragwood Country House Hotel is one of my favourite wedding venues in The Lake District. It is situated right on Lake Windermere and is totally secluded in its own estate overlooking the lake.

The first time I spoke with James and Liz they informed me of their plans to elope! I had never shot an elopement before but after speaking with them I was super excited by the prospect and even more honoured to be one of only a a handful of people witnessing their wedding.

Arriving up into The Lake District, one of my favourite places in England, the scene was set for a perfect day. There were blue skies overhead and a tranquil calmness on Lake Windermere. I arrived at the Cragwood and met James and Liz in their room, where they were getting ready together. I loved being in that room with them as they FaceTimed with Liz’s daughter who had been brought out of class to watch the wedding.

Both James and Liz were so calm and relaxed. Their ceremony was perfect. It was filled with beautiful words and some lovely moments. Following the ceremony their witnesses (from the hotel) head back to their work for the day before we wandered the grounds creating some awesome portraits.

If you are planning an Elopement in the Lake District drop me a message. I would absolutely love to hear about your plans.