Matt & Areej - Wedding Photography @ the Great Hall at Mains


Matt is an old college friend who I hadn’t seen in years.  When he contacted me early last year to meet his beautiful fiance and check my availability for their up-and-coming wedding I was super excited. Not only were they getting married at one of the most gorgeous venues on the Fylde coast but this was going to be a double wedding! Yes you read it right, a double wedding. As in two Brides and two Grooms! After meeting up with them and hanging out at their pre-wedding shoot I was even more excited for this wedding. Matt and I were good friends back at college but then, as it happens, our lives just went in different directions. It was awesome catching up with him after all these years and seeing just how happy he is with Areej. They are perfect for each other and just being around them you get a sense of warmth and happiness.

So, the double wedding thing… the other Bride and Groom were actually Areej’s sister and her hubby-to-be. In the lead up to the wedding I really didn’t know what to expect with this, as I had only been hired to shoot Matt & Areej’s wedding. It worked out superbly and was definitely a wedding to remember.

Check out their day below…