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Newborn Family Photography in Lancashire

I love creating memories for families. Time flies so ridiculously fast when you have children and life can be that chaotic that you don’t always stop and appreciate everything. Spending an hour capturing families together is so precious and creates moments they will, hopefully, treasure forever.

Jen and Steve invited me round to capture some newborn family photos of the new addition to their lovely family. I was lucky enough to do a shoot with them a few years earlier when Alexis was born. Now she’s the big sister to the adorable little Hallie.

It was so lovely to meet Hallie and capture some photos of her in such an early stage of her life. It was also very cool to see what a lovely little girl Alexis has become and capture some cool memories of her laughing and playing at home.

Family photography doesn’t have to be boring and uncool. I capture these moments for no one other than the family. In my opinion it is so important to take as many family photos as you possibly can as life passes so very quickly and before you know it the little humans have grown into full sized humans.

Big love to this wonderful family and thank you again for inviting me in to your home to create memories for you.